1 min readMay 11, 2021

From “A house divided against itself cannot stand” to “A house divided against itself must not stand.”

Is the GOP the party of Trump? No. It’s its own party. It stands against truth. It stands against thinking. It stands against believing what you see with your own eyes. So, what does it stand for? It stands for authoritarianism. It stands for white supremacy. It stands for voter suppression.

As of early May 2021, the GOP also stands for cancel culture. It will cancel Liz Cheney’s role as House Republican Conference Chair. It will do so because she stands for truth, for thinking, and for believing what she sees. It cancels her because she stands against authoritarianism, against white supremacy, and against voter suppression.

How did this situation come to pass? How did the party of Lincoln become the anti-Lincoln party? It is the party where yes and no became yes or no. It is the party where loyal opposition became simple treason.


Dr. Justin A. Frank MD is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst best known as the quintessential expert in the psychology of the 21st-century American presidents.